What’s in the guide

A successful wayfinding system requires a clear two part process.

The guide focuses on direction and information signs installed in public areas. It outlines:

  • signing rules or principles, general guidelines and mode-specific signage guidelines relating to walking, cycling, public transport and roads
  • design and technical information for pedestrian signs, and guidance to place and install the signs
  • results of benchmarking the system’s design, fabrication and installation details against accessibility standards
  • a suggested process map/checklist for planning and installing signs.

Who’s it for?

The guide is a free resource for people working for local councils, State Government authorities and private companies who are responsible for aspects of wayfinding and signage systems.

These people might work in areas as diverse as tourism, economic development, engineering, graphic and industrial design, place-making, strategic planning, urban design, landscape architecture or transport planning. For many, responsibility for wayfinding and signs might be an occasional part of their work rather than their main focus.

The guide has been developed to assist with decisions relating to commissioning, planning, designing, fabricating, locating and installing direction and information signs in public areas.

It is the first output of the Melbourne Visitor Signage Committee (MVSC), a collaboration between local and State government to improve wayfinding for users and make the most of public resources.

The system in operation

The system was piloted in the City of Melbourne in 2017 and 2018. Pre and post-installation user testing showed a marked improvement in people’s confidence to find their way to destinations after the signs had been installed.

Wayfinding signage in Victoria is inconsistent, poorly coordinated and unreliable.

Other Victorian councils are interested in adopting the pedestrian signage system because they see two benefits of a shared system:

  1. a consistent, predictable system for users, and
  2. cost savings for authorities through shared design and procurement.

We would love to hear from Councils that have installed signs in accordance with the Wayfound guide. Feedback on use of the guide and photos of the signs are most welcome. Please send to wayfinding@melbourne.vic.gov.au